FacturaT Catalogs

FacturaT Catalogs

FacturaT catalogs

Realizadad Once the system configuration of electronic invoice, we describe in general to record and keep information in the catalogs of FacturaT in our system.

catalogos de FacturaT

catalogos de FacturaT



FacturaT catalogs

Let’s start with FacturaT catalogs

The Bill-T system in the CATALOG folder, we can divide the catalogs as follows:

Basic catalog:

  • Customs
  • Branches
  • Coins
  • Units
  • Taxation
  • Invoie number

Customers and products

  • Customers
  • Alternate Name
  • Products

In this issue we will see the catalogs of basic T-Bill:

Let’s start with the functionality, all the basic catalogs have the following characteristics ::

The following buttons at the bottom of each catalogs:

  • Save,
    • Any modification to an existing log
  • Add a record to the catalog of Invoice,
  • Clean
    • Clear the screen to capture.
  • Leave
    • We leave the application FacturaT
  • Fields with an arrowhead.
    • They have information that we can consult the catalog and choose to

Now let’s review the catalogs:

  • Customs
    • This information is recorded in the office, number, date and customs.
  • Branches
    • Here, we can register the details of our branches.
  • Currency
    • We recorded the currencies in which we can sell our services. The default is pesos, exchange rate is 1.00 and the description is National Currency.
  • Units
    • This catalog is a description of the unit we use for our products and services. The unit is shown on our invoices
  • Taxation
    • We can record the various fees associated with billing for our services / products.
    • Both taxes withheld and transferred
  • Invoice numer
    • Is the internal control of our sales pages

To end and reflect any changes or insertion required, press the save button. We must ensure that success. So ended the catalog section of FacturaT.If the system sends an error, we must solve the stated problem, before save the information

This ends with the FacturaT catalogs

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